Register Someone Else to Take Part

If you would like to register someone else to take part in the Building Bridges programme, please fill out the details below. We ask for information about you and the person you would like to register. All of the information you share with us will be kept confidential and will not be seen by anyone outside of the programme.

The full Privacy Notice for the Building Bridges programme can be found under ‘Policy Commitments‘.

Who can take part?

In order to take part, participants must be aged 15 or over, living in Wiltshire or Swindon and unemployed OR on a zero-hours contract with no income from employment in the last three months. Please note, we cannot work with anyone who is currently working in any capacity.

Participants must have the legal right to work in the UK in order to take part. We can support registered refugees but we are unable to work with asylum seekers. We are also not able to work with people who are currently in prison.

Referral Form

Programme Eligibility

Please tick all that apply: *
Please note: if you are unable to tick all of the boxes, this person is not eligible for the Building Bridges programme.

Information About You

Do you have permission from this person to register them for the programme? *
Would you like us to contact you before we contact the person you are registering?
What is the best way to contact you?
What is the best time to contact you?
Has the person given consent for their data to be used for the purposes of their referral into the Building Bridges programme and understand that if they do not become a participant on the programme their data will be deleted in accordance with the programme Privacy Notice? *
How did you hear about the Building Bridges programme?

Information About the Person You Are Registering

Where does this person live? *

Contact Preferences for the Person You Are Registering

This person would like to be contacted by:
The best time to contact this person is:
Is it ok to leave a message or voicemail if we are unable to contact this person?
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